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My Services


Reiki is a gentle form of healing physical, emotional and mental stress and symptoms in the body.  It is a safe and effective way to help release "blocks"  in our physical and energetic bodies when we may become stuck due to ill health, disease, chronic pain, and trauma.  I provide hour long Reiki sessions to help you release old patterns and heal from stress and pain.  I am Certified Reiki Master through Reiki Colorado.  Additionally, I have training in sacred ritual and intuitive readings.

I also offer distance healings, where I provide a report and answers to questions regarding physical, emotional, or mental questions about relationships, life path, or health symptoms.  

Rate:  $100 a session/ $60 for distance healing sessions

I offer sliding fee scale for some clients.  


   Intuitive Readings

If you are curious about your journey as a soul and spirit living this human experience, an intuitive reading may help to clarify what is happening on a deeper level for you.  I provide an hour long session where I use my intuitive abilities to discuss what is happening in your life and to also make contact with loved ones and friends that have passed using my skills as an intuitive medium. 

Rate:  $100 a session

May all beings be happy, may all beings be free.  May all beings be at ease in mind, body and spirit.  May all beings be loved- Metta Prayer
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