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Joy as a revolutionary act

I lately have been thinking about how to turn joy into a revolution in the midst of chaos and despair. I sat in a garden filled with daisies, cracked teapots, and an wooden owl wearing sunglasses last weekend, contemplating the broken, the repetitious, and the hope of living in spite of all of the news that clutters my inbox. I think that at times I am being asked to transform my worry about the world into compost to create a new experience so that I am not dragged down by the sadness, the ennui, and the difficulty of finding joy in a world that appears so upside down.

I believe in the idea that our joy and our ability to see the beautiful in the world at a given moment, despite where we are planted, is a revolutionary act of love right now. This is not to belittle the tragedies that are happening currently, either. Rather, to honor that this life is a blessing while also giving space for the teeth gnashing rage, the depth of sadness, and the frustration of all the events and people and places that are out of our control. May we be blessed with moments of clarity and fierce love. Fierce love changes the world.

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