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Erin Dittelberger, MA, LPC



Erin Dittelberger

I am a healer, a mother, daughter,  partner,  psychotherapist, and a human on this journey of discovery, just like you.  I enjoy living with curiousity and learning new skills along the way.  I hope to provide a safe and accepting presence for my clients as an intuitive, and an energy healer.  I realize that we are all on this journey together and need support whether insight regarding our patterns of being in life, knowledge gained from an intuitive, moving energy that may be stuck somewhere in our bodies' due to disease through a Reiki healing session, or working on tough, emotional questions about where we are in our life journey in a safe, healing environment. 


Intuitive Readings

I provide intuitive readings in person or by phone which consist of reading your energy, your physical health, past life information, and contact with loved ones who have passed on through mediumistic abilities.  I am a trained intuitive and have clairavoyant abilities that I have experienced since I was a young child.  These readings can assist in developing insight for you to consider options for the future and the present.  


Reiki Energy Healings

I offer energy healing sessions that include Reiki, a hands on healing modality,  to facilitate healing from trauma, physical pain, and emotional difficulties. I am able to see, feel and sense places in the body that are hurt due to trauma, loss, or illness.   

Sessions can be in person or from a distance.

During the session, you and I discuss your intentions for healing including improving/strengthening relationships with yourself and others, deepening understanding of physical, mental and emotional symptoms, and a greater sense of relaxation and ease in the body and mind.  

Meditation by the Sea
“The Obstacle is the path"  - Unknown
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